This is not advertising. It’s an investor sharing an investment thesis. Nothing is disguised. I explicitly disclose what some might view as a conflict of interest (I’m an investor in GroundMetrics), and others view a proof of skin-in-the-game.

Frankly, it can get a little tiresome reading countless think-pieces whose authors’ only commitment to their argument is the words used to articulate it. Most investors keep their theses close to the chest. I hope that by being more transparent about why I make the bets I do, it can galvanize others’ thinking and refine my own (I love it when people force me to change my mind!).

Finally, redundancy doesn’t solve the bad data problem. It can certainly help, but “in practice” I’ve seen countless poor decisions made on what appeared to be clean results, when in fact the data used to generate said insights was false or incomplete. Bad inputs handicap even the best model.

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